Best Price New Greenhouse – Should I Be Tempted?

Now I think about it, the reason I decided to attack my dilapidated greenhouse a couple of weeks ago was a passing remark from John, my next door neighbour. Nothing rude of course – John is a real gent, and an expert gardener. I could just tell he thought I was wasting potential growing space by using my greenhouse as storage for garden junk.

Where I live, winters vary a lot, but last winter was a shocker. Many gardeners lost plants in the sub zero temperatures. I got several potted plants during the summer which won’t survive the winter unless protected from frost – an African lily (Agapanthus) and two mini olive trees.

Two problems – one solution

By planning a place now to over winter my pot plants, I would also have somewhere to grow early seedlings in the spring to give me a head start. (John’s vegetables are always miles ahead of mine. Time he had a little competition, don’t you think?)

The thing was, the greenhouse had very grubby glass, mould and moss everywhere and many of the panes were broken. The wind whistled through and the roof leaked in several places. I needed to do some swift research on what types of new greenhouses were available and make a decision about starting afresh or refurbishing. I was seriously tempted by some of the amazing greenhouses you can buy online. The one I liked the look of most was the Spring Gardener Gable Greenhouse as twelve people gave it FIVE STAR reviews and I would have no more broken glass.

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Should I renovate?

In the end I decided to renovate. After all replacing broken glass and cleaning the rest was always going to be cheaper. Some new sealing strip finished the job. But I have bought some new sturdy staging to take my pots and I’m even thinking about some sort of heating in case temperatures really plummet.

And what about one of those great gadgets that tells you the temperature out there from the comfort of your armchair? Well it could be my reward for all the hard work. This is becoming quite an exciting project – I shall try and wait patiently till spring arrives.

I was also surprised at how many different size greenhouses you can now buy online. While it's tempting to buy a full-size greenhouse, I found several affordable options on this list of small greenhouses. Many of them even include fully functioning doors, and have the capacity for multiple rows of plants.

*Please note the link above directs to amazon as I have found they offer great deals on Spring Gardener Gable Greenhouses.

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