Pentair Kreepy Krauly K70405 Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

The Pentair Kreepy Krauly K70405 Automatic Pool Cleaner is acknowledged as one of the best, if not the best pool cleaner on the market today, but will it live up to your expectations?

kreepy krauly

One of the things that can really ruin your love affair with a new pool is the work involved in maintaining one. When I first was able to purchase a home with a pre-existing pool I thought I was set, but then the novelty quickly wore off as I tried to keep the pool clean using the outdated cleaning system that came with it.

It claimed to be automatic but it would move along the bottom of the pool so slowly that you could barely notice it moving, and that was on a good day. Most of the time it wouldn’t move at all and I’d have to manually push it while swimming underwater, which got tiring very quickly.


Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner Review

Eventually I stumbled across the Kreepy Krauly which is apparently in use in over 2,000,000 pools worldwide. I figured that was an impressive statistic and needed further investigation.

Enough about me though, what are you going to like about it?

- Works without the need for a pump. Simply attach it to your existing pool vacuum hose or skimmer. Absolutely no tools or attachments required either!
- Fully automatic. The automated regulator valve keeps water flow at a constant, optimum level and this pool cleaner will be able to clean regular shaped pools with ease.
- There is only one moving part, which means there is less to go wrong and less to maintain.
- 2-year warranty. A reasonable warranty always puts my mind at ease with purchases of this nature.
- Will perform brilliantly on a range of pool surfaces including vinyl, concrete, tile or fiberglass.
- Both the bottom and sides of the pool are vacuumed. A great feature! About the only thing it won’t do well are the steps.
- Easy set up. Included are helpful instructions and you should have it functional within a half hour. There is even a video too.

One of the things that I like about this machine is that you can skim and vacuum simultaneously. This gives you more time to enjoy cooling off on a hot day and less time spent doing the dirty work to get it clean.

The Kreepy Krauly is weighted too so that it will never float to the surface. Although the 40 foot hose is slightly more of a distraction than the main unit, I found that I was able to swim in the pool quite freely and not be inhibited by the cleaner working below me.

I should point out that my pool is a little larger than average so if you have a small pool, you might want to take it out when swimming.

Pentech Kreepy Krauly

We bought our Kreepy Krauly before the pool was even finished.

Are there any drawbacks to a more automated pool cleaning system?

I said before that it will clean most pools with ease, but if you have an irregularly-shaped pool with acute angles or tight corners you might find that you need to clean those areas manually.

Of course, I’m willing to bet that most people will be able to live with that. I know that I’d rather spend 5 minutes on the corners instead of having no automation at all and having to do the whole thing by hand!

Something else which a couple of people have had problems with is that the hose cracks after a while, possibly due to exposure damage from the sun. I cannot see that as being a problem if you live in a cooler climate or if your pool sits in the shade all day.

Regardless, I’m firmly of the belief that good pool maintenance means keeping your tools in the shed out of direct sunlight when not in use anyway.

Speaking of which, ensure that your filters are clean. There is no use blaming the Kreepy Krauly for bad performance when your filters are dirty or clogged up. Remember, this particular pool cleaning system not only vacuums the bottom and sides but also filters the water and removes the stuff that is barely visible to the naked eye.

Look after your pool and the pool cleaner will look after you!

Kreepy Krauly Review
Kreepy Krauly Konclusion

Clever, no?

While classed as an automatic product, the Pentair Kreepy Krauly K70405 Automatic Pool Cleaner will still need some TLC from you so that you can get the most out of your purchase.

By looking after your filters and not leaving the hose floating on the surface on a very hot day, you can stand to gain many years of reliable use. I have even read about a Kreepy Krauly lasting 13 years which you have to admit is pretty impressive.

Priced at around $300, you will definitely get value for money if it even lasts half that long. The good thing is that for the unforeseen failure of a component, the parts are very easy to come across because they are in abundant supply. This means that in general, the prices are very reasonable too.

Give the Kreepy Krauly a try and I am sure you will be impressed. The 2-year warranty and countless happy customers makes it a no-brainer.

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