Why I Am Hooked On Square Foot Gardening

square foot gardeningAfter reading the article written by Steve on Square Foot Gardening, I was very intrigued by how you could grow the same amount of produce all while using less space. As my backyard is rather small as well as having poor soil I decided that I would study up on it to figure out if I should pursue this avenue of gardening. As I become more and more careful of what I eat as well as cook for my family, one way I know that I am getting organic foods is by growing my own vegetables. I do use container gardening for some of my veggies however I was looking for a way to grow more without have to add a ton of topsoil to what is already in my backyard.

I ended up checking out the book all about the square foot gardening movement and after reading it this afternoon, it is all I can do to not go out and buy all my supplies to get started. Of course, I live where there is snow right now so unfortunately I am going to have to wait a few more months. Even though I borrowed the book from the library, I am actually planning to buy it for my own use as there are numerous tips and tricks that I may forget if I don’t have it handy. The author has actually just rewritten his book on this style of planting as he has come across even more suggestions while planting your garden. With all the planting guides and supply suggestions it is definitely worth the read especially if you have limited space for gardening. The author even states that you can use supports for your climbing veggies such as cucumbers, squash and beans so that you can do vertical gardening as well. The concept is an excellent way to not only grow my own vegetables which will save me money all while saving space for my kids to still run around!

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