Strathwood St. Thomas Deep Seat Motion Chair with Cushions Review

If you are like me then you may have an old resin outdoor furniture set sitting there in the backyard taking up space, but really not doing much else at all. Unloved and under-utilized, I was looking for the perfect excuse to get rid of it. The fact that it seemed to always have mold growing on it and I was always searching all corners of the yard after a wind storm in order to find it again, had me thinking of an excuse to invest in a sturdy and durable cast aluminium piece.

The perfect excuse had arrived.

The Strathwood St. Thomas Deep Seat Motion Chair with Cushions is the perfect accompaniment to a {Strathwood cast aluminum table setting }, among other things.

What is so good about upgrading to the Strathwood St. Thomas Cushion Chairs?

  • Strathwood St. Thomas Deep Seat Motion Chair with Cushions Perfect to withstand anything that the elements can throw at them, even the winds from our violent summer storms.
  • The cushion covers themselves are made from 100% Olefin, which is a long lasting synthetic fiber that is known for holding color well and being resistant to the effects of stains, mildew and direct sunlight. If you’ve ever owned a cheaper store bought cushion set that fades out in just a season, you’ll appreciate this!
  • Attractive scrolling vine motif with silver flecks and bronze-colored highlights. Fit’s in perfectly with virtually any backyard decor.
  • A maximum weight limit of 250 pounds on each chair. Each individual chair is 28 inches wide and 34 inches deep and high, perfectly adequate for even your larger friends to be seated in comfort.
  • The weight is a manageable 33.5 pounds, heavy enough to resist blowing around in a wind, but light enough that even the kids can help move them around.
  • If you have a cobbled or otherwise uneven outdoor area then you can adjust the screws on the legs to get a more comfortable result, free from annoying wobbling. No more stuffing padding under wobbly legs – you’ll love this feature.
  • Gentle, relaxing rocking motion, my personal favorite feature!

Strathwood St. Thomas Deep Seat Motion Chair with Cushions review

The main deciding factor for a lot of people is going to be the seat covers. They are a light beige, and as mentioned earlier, are made from Olefin which has specific properties that make it great for use in the outdoors.

If you do happen to get a stain on the cushions, then the fabric is easily able to be wiped (but the covers themselves cannot be removed from the chair if you were thinking of popping them in the washing machine). However with the stain resistance built into this fabric, this is something that will rarely be necessary anyway!

Maximum comfort and stability is achieved by a velcro tab which securely fastens the cushion to the chair and there are also ties on the seat corners as another means of protection against a howling wind for example, where other outdoor seat covers may end up on the floor covered in dust and muck.

How to set these chairs up for maximum comfort

Do not be put off by reports that the chairs are uncomfortable or don’t live up to expectations. Such claims can invariably be traced to improper assembly. Specifically, it can be put down to putting the seated cushion on top and the top cushion into the seated position. This simple mistake is avoided with just a second glance when arranging the cushions, it’s that simple, but surprisingly it happens at times.

This is also crucial in getting that really pleasant rocking sensation that a lot of people are saying is a great feature of these chairs. If you do put the cushions on in the wrong fashion you will feel like you are sitting too upright instead of reclining and relaxing. It is a trap that many fall into because it seems so intuitive to assemble them in the incorrect order.

Aside from this minor little quirk, there is really nothing to taking these chairs out of the box and enjoying them straight away.

What are other people saying about the Strathwood St. Thomas Deep Seat Motion Chairs?

As you might have guessed, people love these Strathwood St. Thomas chairs like the majority of Strathwood products in general.

  • Several people commented that the chairs are extremely comfortable and definitely expected them to be a lot more expensive than the asking price.
  • Some also commented that while the light beige was an elegant and totally acceptable color for this style of outdoor setting, it tended to show marks easily.

You would probably know that already though before the thought of even purchasing these chairs went through your mind. If you can’t be bothered with the simple upkeep required then you might want to look at the darker colored Strathwood chairs which are more or less the same design.

Having said that, keeping on top of the odd stain here and there was easy with a bit of elbow grease or Scotchguard where necessary.

Shipping did seem to be mostly reliable too, which is always a plus with heavy and somewhat expensive items.


The Strathwood St. Thomas Deep Seat Motion Chair with Cushions give you a high end look in your yard without the high end price, and this is possibly the best thing about these chairs.

In very general, but also very important terms, these Strathwood chairs and all of the Strathwood outdoor furniture is just what you need in outdoor furniture, to quote a reviewer who has almost every piece of the collection occupying his backyard.

If you are at all interested in quality outdoor gear at an affordable price then one of the things that I can recommend highly is to buy your way through the whole Strathwood collection and accumulate it piece by piece.

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You will definitely have guests wondering how you could afford such lavish outdoor settings!

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