5 Tips for Cleaning Resin Deck Furniture

Anyone who has purchased some Outdoor Patio Furniture when on somewhat of a budget will have likely looked at the stuff made from resin (sometimes called “plastic”). While it’s true it’s a great way to start getting your deck furniture purchased, as they’re generally pretty inexpensive, they do have some undesirable features.

Our first set was actually quite expensive and has certainly been a good investment, as they were well-built and have lasted a long time. Sparkling white, they do look good when in bright sunlight and having just been cleaned.

Therein lies the problem, cleaning resin furniture is not easy.

My Cleaning Tips…

….all boil down to frequency

Tempting as it is to skip any of these steps, it’ll come back to haunt you in time if you do!

  1. Pressure Wash. I’ve found the only way to start the season off is getting rid of winter’s accumulated dust and grime with a thorough pressure washing each spring. Plan on being soaked and dirty after completion and plan on the better part of a day if you have a large collection of patio furniture.
  2. A simple wipe down with a towel, after a rain, will do wonders in keeping the furniture in like new condition, as, rain drying on the resin will “spot”.
  3. A monthly wipe down with a mild bleach solution will help prevent the growth of any mould or mildew. This furniture, especially if it’s white, is prone to getting a black mould growth in the surfaces and it can be a real chore to get it cleaned off if it ever takes hold. Prevention is the better option here!
  4. Keep away from hanging baskets . As tempting as it is the have some beautiful hand made hanging flower baskets above your lounge chairs, remember you’ll be frequently watering these, and inevitably excess water will be dripping on your furniture. This water, especially if it has been laced with a soluble fertilizer will be the perfect stimulus for the formation of mildew and mould.
  5. Keep the cushions in storage. If you leave your cushions on your furniture all the time, you can bet they will occasionally get rained on, and will be a haven for dampness. Remember the mildew! We store ours in a Lifetime Extra Large Deck Box and just bring them out when needed.

Perhaps the best idea though, is to invest in some better furniture as your budget allows. We have just invested in some Strathwood St. Thomas Deep Seat Motion Chair with Cushions that fits perfectly with our Strathwood St. Thomas Round Dining Table .



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