The Elegance of Cast Aluminium Patio Furniture

Cast aluminum patio furniture is elegant, versatile and has a very trendy look in any backyard. Take the beautiful Strathwood St. Thomas Round Dining Table , a table that looks great whatever setting it’s in.

It is also the perfect way to get what you want for a lot less than the price of a similarly detailed or ornate piece of wood furniture for example.

Why else is it so good?


cast aluminum patio furnitureAs aluminum is one of the most common elements on the Earth, it is widespread and as a result costs are cheap. It has a long history of use in manufacturing and engineering and is highly resistant to rust making it the ideal outdoor furniture material.


There is no point having heavy furniture as it will no doubt have to be moved around when the weather is inclement or when you need to move house and take it with you.

Aluminum is light but still has great strength which is a sought after combination that not many other materials can match.


As it is such a light material, you will notice that the people who sculpt aluminum into the many shapes and designs that we see on the shop floor have much more license to create whatever they want.

They can be sure that whatever they create is rigid yet strong and stable and visually appealing at the same time.


You would not want to sit on aluminum directly, but the good news is that you can take advantage of padded cushions that are usually coated with synthetic fibers that are resistant to whatever the elements and people can throw at them, whether it be rain, mould, direct sunlight or the odd red wine stain. Strathwood St. Thomas Deep Seat Motion Chair with Cushions are an example of a product with all these attributes.

As you can see, cast iron aluminum is the material of choice!

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