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There are a growing number of fire pit tables on the market today. But to my mind at least, the best simply has to be the Strathwood St Thomas table pictured. The reason? Well I shall reveal all shortly!

First off though, if you’re in the market for a new firepit table, and like the look of Strathwood St Thomas fire pit table*, you probably want to find the best price. These can come with a pretty hefty price tag in garden supplies stores, but thankfully I’ve found the best deals are to be found at Amazon. What’s more, they usually have a wide range of matching furniture on offer too.

*Please note the link above directs to amazon as I have found they offer great deals on the entire Strathwood St Thomas garden furniture range.

Best Fire Pit TableWhy Is It the Best Fire Pit Table?

Well, there are quite a few reasons why I short-listed this particular aluminum fire table. When I was first trying to find an outdoor fire pit I came across so many that were lacking in terms of quality. It was so disappointing.

Whilst I might be happy for a piece of occasional use garden furniture or an ornament to not be built to the highest standards, the same cannot be said about something which we will be lighting wood fires in! After all it needs to be pretty well designed and made, if it is going to cope with heating and cooling. Plus of course it needs to stay put, as fire safety is pretty important too.

This last point is what led me to personally choose, in the end, not a table, but a low standing fire tub. The lower center of gravity felt safer since it is impossible for the dogs to knock. However, in my search for a way to keep warm, and make the garden look pretty I short-listed a few different styles of fire pit. And, if I had a less clumsy partner (and fewer pooches), the Strathwood Fire Table would probably have been the one I would have gone for. Here’s what I personally like about it:

  • The whole structure of the aluminum firepit table is very solid, providing of course you put it together properly. But, being made of cast aluminum it is relatively easy to move around the garden.
  • The scroll work design won’t be to everyone’s taste, but the fact that it is therefore full of holes means rain isn’t a problem.
  • The table itself is completely flat so plates (and more importantly drinks glasses) won’t wobble about. This is a fully functional garden dining table, not just a fire pit.
  • For a table, the fire bowl isn’t a bad size, and it is made of copper so should cope with pretty regular use well.
  • A matching scroll-work cover fits over the bowl when you aren’t having a fire – again making this a “real” table for every day use in the yard.
  • Sliders underneath allow you to adjust the table easily so that it will still stand firm on uneven ground (very useful in most of our gardens I’m sure).
  • Because the fire bowl itself is relatively high off the ground, this will be one of few fire pits that are practical for use on a wooden deck.
  • There is a massive range of matching furniture, including benches, tables and chairs for those of you that like a more formal garden arrangement.
  • According to customer reviews the whole thing is very easy to assemble, and should take less than half an hour to do.
  • It comes with a wire mesh dome which can be a useful spark screen if you have trees in or around the garden.
  • There is a cast grill in the bottom of the bowl so air can circulate properly around the logs. This is something I found over-looked on some cheaper models, making them pretty impractical fire pit tables in my humble opinion!

Is There Anything Not Great About It?

Well, to be honest, of course there is! Firstly the price! This kind of quality doesn’t come super cheap. But if you want a piece of garden furniture that won’t need any maintenance and will cope with all weathers you usually have to pay for it. The RRP (at the time of writing) is around $450 which is pretty steep. But these are usually much cheaper on-line with savings of around 60% being not unusual.

Secondly, the design is a little old-fashioned for some I am sure. But personal taste is always going to play an enormous part in our furniture purchases. You will probably either love it or hate it!

Finally, there have been issues with the fit of both the fire bowl and the mesh spark screen. Reading customer reviews it seems that these issues have been fixed. For the money, you should expect a good fit, and if not expect an exchange. The most recent customer reviews I looked at seemed to indicate this was a historical problem which has since been solved.

For a full list of things to consider when choosing a fire pit check out my fire pit features article.


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