Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

Buying a good quality chainsaw is important, and buying from legitimate places even more so, as I pointed out in my article. Once you have purchased your chainsaw there are a few simple maintenance tips to bear in mind. You want your chainsaw to last a lifetime, and it will, if you care for it properly.

How To Look After A Chainsaw


Use the best possible grade. Go with what is recommended by the manufacturer and always ensure that you keep it topped up. You should check fuel and oil levels each time you use your saw and ensure that the levels are not getting low.


While you do not need to keep it looking pristine it does pay to give it a proper overhaul every now and then. Modern chainsaws are easy to clean, the casing comes of simply. Then simply clean out and sawdust or oil that is on the internal parts so that you let it have as long a life as possible.


Check the air filter periodically and change it if it needs to be replaced. Having a clean air filter makes the world of difference to performance.


Before each use you should ensure that chain is tight enough. If you can pull it and there is enough give for it to rise above the blade then it needs to be tightened. This is important for your safety and should never be overlooked. If the chain is too loose it can come off and cause severe and permanent injury.


Ideally you would use a simple chainsaw file before you use your chainsaw. A few runs for each of the teeth is all that is needed. If you have not sharpened it for some time you will be amazed at the difference. It is like having a brand new model. Files cost only a few dollars and are worth their weight in gold.


If all of that sounds a little too much then just go for a service. Obviously you need to keep the chain tight and ensure there is adequate oil but the rest can be done locally. Got to the local store that sells them and get it serviced. It is more than worth doing once yearly to ensure there are no defects and to keep it running perfectly.

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