Lifting Paving Stones The Easy Way

Recently we did up our small front garden and one of the biggest jobs was lifting the paving stones (or flagstones).

Man! Are those things heavier than they look.

Luckily we had a willing volunteer who actually wanted to take them off our hands so it saved us having to pay someone to take them away.

The hardest part was lifting them up but luckily our volunteer brought with him the tools for the job.

Tools You Need To Lift Paving Stones

  1. Crow bar
  2. Gloves

Yes folks, that’s it. A crow bar and a good pair of gardening gloves. Additionally you might want to build up a few muscles before embarking on this task and make sure there’s a cold beer in the fridge for later. And for goodness sake watch your back! My back ached for a few weeks afterwards. No permanent harm done that a good massage couldn’t fix but you have to take care and use the power of your legs, not your back.

It took us about 2 hours in total to heave them all up and get them in the back of the car. Paving stones can be low-maintenance but ultimately they’re not as pretty as the flowers and plants we have put in are going to look like in the Spring.

I did leave two stones in the ground because I will need a place to put my charcoal smoker.

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