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How to Protect Plants from Frost

frost blanket

Some plants can withstand frost quite well, while others like the ones pictured on the right need a little help when a freak frost is coming along. These tulip leaves show classic signs of frost–wilting and a little browning on the tips. If the owners had taken better care and heeded frost warnings the tulips […]

What does Frost do to Plants?

As I was walking to work today my heart broke when I saw this: The blooms from all the Magnolia trees in the park next too my building were dead. Most had fallen off the tree, and some were just barely there. Mother nature tricked the trees into blooming early this year, making them vulnerable, […]

How to Revive Frost Damaged Plants

frost damaged plants

So, you didn’t exactly get to protecting your plants when the frost came–for whatever reason–and they’re now drooping and brown. It happens to all of us. Just last year we lost most of our tomato harvest to an early frost and they were ready for harvest! Never again. Anyway, most of your plants will come […]

Dethatching Your Lawn Using a Power Rake

Using A Power Rake On Your Lawn When you have a lot of dead plant material piling up on your lawn, a power rake is an excellent way to remove that excess debris. A power rake can be used to remove dead leaf pile up in the fall or grass trimmings after you have cut […]

What Is A Dethatching Rake?

If your lawn does not look as nice as you would like for it to look, the problem might be in how you are removing the dead plant debris that comes from grass trimmings and falling leaves. Instead of using a standard rake, you should be utilizing a dethatching rake to improve the soil of […]

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