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Keep Your Lawn Healthy With Lawn Aerator Shoes

Aerator Shoes

If you are looking for ways to improve the soil on your lawn, then you might want to consider aeration or dethatching your lawn. When you aerate the lawn, the process involves having holes punched into the soil. Instead of getting an expensive garden tool for this process, you can get a pair of aerator […]

Liquid Fertiliser From Comfrey


Save money by making your own liquid fertiliser. You don’t have to spend money on commercial liquid feed. This is what to do: Plant some comfrey. Comfrey is a vigorous, tough plant which likes plenty of water. Choose the spot in your garden carefully because it isn’t easy to get rid of. It will grow […]

Hellebores for Winter Color

hellebore Christmas rose

I’ve had Hellebores growing in my garden for many years, but they have not been the most colourful varieties. More often, they have been a subtle shade of green, and it is this subtlety that makes them so attractive, especially when mixed in with other plants. The other day a friend gave me a beautiful […]

When to Apply Lawn Top Dressing


I don’t know about where you may live but here in London we have a city that is essentially built on top of mud and clay. I’m really not joking. The place is one giant lump of clay that had a city built on it. Not only that, it is also a giant lump of […]

Fennel – For Looks and For Cooks


I’ve grown fennel for quite a few years, partly because it is so easy to grow and partly because it is a very striking plant. It is a herbaceous perennial which dies back in winter. Provide some protection if temperatures drop below –10c. Plant your fennel so it gets maximum sun in the growing season. […]

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