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An avid gardener and outdoor lover, Dave lives in Illinois, about 45 miles west of Chicago. Dave considers himself to be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to working outdoors. He and his wife are environmentally conscious individuals and also wildlife lovers.

Dave’s Smoker Baby Back Rib Rub Recipe

Hey Granite folks. Many of you know how much my wife loves her baby back ribs. She grew up near St. Louis so she’s pretty spoiled when it comes to getting good ole’ smoked BBQ. Whenever we go back to visit her relatives down there it’s fun to watch her plan out what I call […]

My Masterbuilt 30″ Electric Smoker – Best Gift EVER

I’m glad to see there is a place to talk about smokers on Big Granite because I just love the one that I got for Father’s Day last year from my kids. Awesome gift, right?   I’m going to give you my review on this electric smoker below. But, if you want to skip down […]

Electric Smoker Mac and Cheese Recipe

Hey Big Granite folks. I absolutely LOVE mac and cheese and so does my wife. So, when I came across this recipe for smoked mac and cheese I knew this was one that I had to try in my electric smoker.   Wow, I’m salivating just telling you about it!   Guess what I just […]

Going Green With A New Black & Decker MM875 Electric Mower

I am really excited because I’m going green and getting an electric lawn mower. I knew at the end of this season that I would need to replace our old gas mower. Yes, is time to take my old gas guzzler out back and shoot her. I don’t really feel too guilty. We have had […]

Stop Bagging Your Lawn Clippings

If you are like most of my neighbors, you probably suck up your lawn clippings, bag them and leave them on the corner for the garbage trucks to pick up every week. But, if you want to have a great looking lawn . . . Please, stop bagging your lawn clippings! These clippings that you […]

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