Homemade Compost: The best option for you?

There are lots of different options available if you are wanting to make homemade compost. Let’s have a quick look at what compost maker system would suit you best. If you need more information, I encourage you to read the more detailed articles about each choice.

  • A conventional compost heap: Good for those with a big garden, lots of space and with a lot of garden waste to recycle.
  • Start something funky like your own wormery (e.g. Can O Worms ): Good for those who have limited space, or in addition to a compost heap, great to get rid of kitchen fruit and veg scraps, and makes superb compost but in small amounts.
  • Or you can go for something really convenient like a compost tumbler: Good for limited space and makes compost in quite a short period of time.

It is quite likely that you will have your own slightly unique situation that will bring another element into the equation, this is just a quick idea about each system which is designed to give you some direction. Happy Composting!

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