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I am a super keen amateur gardener and have lived in different places in South Africa throughout my life. In my spare time away from gardening I am fortunate to be able to share my diverse gardening experiences with the readers of Big Granite.

Homemade Compost: The best option for you?


There are lots of different options available if you are wanting to make homemade compost. Let’s have a quick look at what compost maker system would suit you best. If you need more information, I encourage you to read the more detailed articles about each choice. A conventional compost heap: Good for those with a […]

I Just Opened a Can-O-Worms

can o worms

I just opened my Can-O-Worms, and I have some funny looking bugs in there, what should I do? Don’t panic, this is quite normal, and until you get your worm environment completely sorted out, you should expect some funnies. Actually even then, you can expect some infestation from time to time. My first uninvited bugs […]

Can O Worms: Why I Love My Compost Maker

can o worms

I want to tell you about my worms, yes, that’s right, my worms. What can I say, I love my worms! I bet you have never had anyone tell you that before, have you!? Ok, what exactly are you talking about you might ask? I am talking about my own little organic kitchen composting project where […]