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best garden spadeAlthough I actually don’t need a garden spade for general turning over of the veg plots as I double dug them years ago (a fork will now suffice), a good quality garden spade is still at the heart of successful gardening. Buy the best garden spade and it should last more or less a life-time. But the wrong purchase will see you repeatedly buying new garden spades and is a total waste of money.

Over the years we have had a number of spades for the garden but without doubt the best thing to do is to buy the best possible quality.

In this article I want to offer my advice on what I believe is about the best possible garden spade to buy, it’s cheap, reliable and should last you a lifetime.

Garden Spade Reviews

Having used a number of different spades for everything from digging up plants, turning over plots or even the dreaded turning of the compost heap, there are a few things that I have come to realize are totally invaluable when making a decision.

Buy The Best Possible Quality

Otherwise it is simply wasted money. If you buy a cheap garden spade it simply will not last. It will blunt easily, the handle will fall off or the shaft will break.

Here is what you should look for in a good quality garden spade:

  • Large handle for ease of use
  • Strong shaft, preferably all steel construction
  • A large step
  • Extremely sharp
  • Great cheap price!

The importance of a spade with a strong and preferably over-sized step is very important. For stubborn digging up of plants or even trees with large root systems you need to put some serious power behind it. And if you have ever jumped down on a spade step that is not large then you will know that it kills! It really can damage your feet.

Wood Or Steel Shaft

Having owned both I am now of the firm opinion that a strong steel shaft that is welded to the spade blade itself is the best option. It won’t break like wood is prone to do and it seems to give a better “feel” when digging.

Get the right construction quality and it should last forever.

Make Sure The Blade Is Sharp

The best quality spades for the garden are going to be very sharp. They need to be. If you are edging the lawn or performing work that requires a neat finish then this is of the utmost importance.

So, after looking at what we need, what can we buy?

Fiskars D-Handle Garden Spade

Fiskars offer some of the best quality tools at the best possible prices. Wile you can buy their equipment direct Amazon seems to offer a slight discount on most of their products. As I have used Amazon so much I would recommend that you use them. With great customer service and never any trouble with returns I would buy from them.

Fiskars 9667 Garden Spade

This is their best garden spade.

Here is the link to it at a great price.

Fiskars 9667 Garden Spade*

To be honest for the price it is about the best that you can buy. It fulfills all of the criteria we talked about above and it is going to deliver superior results for years to come. It has a very sharp blade to make short work of even tough ground. Makes perfect cuts for edging, has a marge D-handle for two-handed use if needed, and it is very comfortable and ergonomic as well.

Here are a few other reasons to buy:

  • Powder coated so it won’t rust if you forget to put it in the shed (who doesn’t?)
  • Large step to stop you bruising your feet!
  • Lifetime Warranty!!!

I think the fact we get a warranty like that kind of speaks for itself doesn’t it?

So, if you want to buy the best garden spade I can’t really recommend the Fiskars 9667 garden spade highly enough.

Honestly, don’t buy something too cheap, it is a total false economy. You can certainly buy a spade for less than half the price. But when it breaks in a year or two and you have to end up buying a better quality model anyway it will be money wasted.

*Please note the link above directs to Amazon as I have found they offer great prices on the Fiskars 9667 spade.

2 Responses to Best Garden Spade Buy

  1. Bruce

    You summed it up with “buy the best possible quality” I believe. I’ve had an old wooden spade for many years and have made the mistake of leaving it out in the elements one too many times, and the handle is pretty well shot now, so it’s time for a new one. I’ll look for a Fiskars 9667 for sure.

    • Dave

      It is a shame when that happens Bruce, but the Fiskars is a good option so I am sure you will be very happy if you decide to get it.

      Thanks for reading my article.

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