Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Lopper

Like many homeowners with large gardens, there’s always a garden task to be done. Not just planting and lawn trimming, but also pruning branches, hacking away at troublesome shrubs and lopping off woody vines.

Yes my garden can get quite out of control at times.

The upshot: I need a hardworking lopper that’s both lightweight and powerful. I need a tool that can leverage my own cutting force into something much stronger. And I need a corrosion resistant precision blade that delivers a clean cut every time.

I think I’ve finally found it in this Fiskars 9154 PowerGear 32-Inch Bypass Lopper.
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This Fiskars Lopper delivers a very powerful cutting performance, but without requiring a great deal of effort. Somehow it just feels like an extension to my body. It’s all down to the patented gear system that manages to multiply the cutting force several times over requiring less of my own muscle power. It’s bypass blade design offers razor sharp precision and a clean cut without squashing the plant stem.

The rest of the spec sheet is rounded out with the following features:

  • PowerGear mechanism for a smoother, easier cut (a vast improvement on single pivot loppers that I’ve used)
  • Its 32 inches of length combined with a 2 inch cutting capacity makes this a very versatile tool
  • Precision ground blade edge that holds its sharp edge for longer
  • Corrosion resistant, non-stick blade that residue finds it hard to stick to
  • Lightweight aluminum handles
  • An ergonomic, well balanced design that makes the cutting process so much easier
  • Lifetime warranty.

I’d argue that this tool can be considered a professional cutter, it’s got that much power and versatility.

So the question that it all boils down to: should you buy it?

If you’ve only got a few flower beds that are easy to reach, a hand pruner is probably all you need, so you should probably stop reading here. But if you’ve got heavier work to do, this Fiskars Lopper will make short work of practically any pruning task.

Live branches, dead branches, woody shrubs, saplings, brush… this lopper will handle practically any piece of wood, stem or vine that will fit in its jaws.

*Please note the link above directs to amazon as I have found they offer great deals on Fiskars Loppers.

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