Keeping Hornets Out Of My Garden Tools

My husband thought I was mad.

He saw me in the garden shed on Saturday afternoon carefully measuring our garden tools so that I could sew each of them a black drawstring bag. Every power tool was getting one.

“It’s for the hornets.” I told him.

He wondered away shaking his head, thinking I was wasting my time.

But check out this photo. Yes, those are hornet nests stuck onto the outside of one of the storage bags I had sewed a couple of weeks earlier for one of our line trimmers. The bags are doing their job perfectly!

I couldn’t wait to show the evidence to my husband. But he just grunted.

I did finally feel vindicated though when I saw him wonder along to the shed with a canvas shopping bag in hand. Yes, look how he is now storing his favorite chain saw.

Maybe I’ll sew him a perfectly sized drawstring bag for his birthday.

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