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Where To Find Raised Garden Kits

As I start planning for the upcoming gardening season, I am excited to try out the Square Gardening method as my soil quality in my backyard is not that great and I have never had much success growing a vegetable garden. I have been busy reading both the SGM book as well as a book […]

Coolaroo Sun Shade Sails

Coolaroo Shade Sails

We live in a place where summers are extremely hot, too hot to bear if truth be told. At least this was the case. The Coolaroo sun shade sail has made being outdoors during the warm months of the year a totally different experience. Rather than hiding away during the best parts of the day […]

Decorative Artificial Rock

When attending an Agricultural Show with a buddy last fall, my friend stopped by a booth and chatted with the exhibitor for a bit. While Don was talking with his friend, I perused his exhibit, & have to admit I was a bit surprised at what he was selling. Rocks – but not just any rocks These […]

Garden Accent Rocks

Being an avid gardener, I’m always looking for new and unique ways to enhance the look of our property. Many years ago, when constructing a detached garage we decided on building a brick lamp post beside the driveway, and, at least in my humble opinion it looked great. One thing I did consider before building […]

Decorative Septic Lid Covers

Anybody living on a rural property, an acreage or farm perhaps, will in all likelihood be operating with a septic tank system. Every septic tank system has an “opening” to the heavens, more a ventilation system than anything really, and these are usually covered with an ugly concrete lid. How ugly? How about “butt ugly”! There’s nothing like […]

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