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Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture Dual Headed Spinner – Spinning Ficus Leaves

Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture

If you have been on vacation in the southwest of the USA in states like New Mexico or Arizona then no doubt you will have seen those roadside stalls selling all sorts of intricate outdoor features for the garden. You were probably delighted at what you saw down there, amazed by the intricacies of the […]

Remembering How to Build a Bird House

image - build a bird house

When doing my annual fall cleanup in the garden this year, I came across a couple of pretty decrepit looking bird houses that had been nailed onto the trunk of a couple of apple trees in the back yard, right next to the brand new squirrel proof bird feeder that I acquired last summer. I […]

Best Hammock – Pawleys Island Original DuraCord Rope Hammock

best hammock pawleys island

In our back yard, we have two matching trees which I think would be a perfect location for a hammock. After numerous years of me peeking over the fence to check out my neighbor’s backyard like Wilson from off the old sitcom ‘Home Improvement’ with Tim Allen, I have decided that this spring I will […]

Woodstock Chimes Perfect Accent To Any Garden

woodstock wind chime large

As I sit and listen to the 50 mile per hour wind howling outside my window, I also hear another sound….my wind chime madly blowing about. This wind chime was a gift to myself for mother’s day – my kids were too little at the time and my husband would never even think to get […]

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