Woodstock Chimes Perfect Accent To Any Garden

woodstock wind chime

Woodstock Wind Chime

As I sit and listen to the 50 mile per hour wind howling outside my window, I also hear another sound….my wind chime madly blowing about. This wind chime was a gift to myself for mother’s day – my kids were too little at the time and my husband would never even think to get me one, so I took matters into my own hands. My wind chime was one of the first things that I got for my garden…I love the sound of the chimes as they bump against each other making beautiful music. While I didn’t always have an appreciation of all things gardening, the love of wind chimes was definitely handed down by my mom.

Blue Jay Outside My Mom's Window

You see, my mom is an avid bird watch and has her daily morning coffee sitting in her comfy chair watching them gather around her bird feeders. In amongst the feeders are numerous chimes that blow about in the trees. For these chimes to get any where near her trees they must meet a certain criteria…they have to sound good. My mom can’t stand tinkling chimes that are high pitched or cheap sounding as it actually hurts her ears.

With the upcoming holidays almost upon us, my sister and I were racking our brains as to what to get our mom. She is a collector of all things and really, she has been collecting for many years so she doesn’t really NEED much but you can’t really show up to a gift exchange with no gift…people are funny that way! While looking online for a gift to get her I started perusing the Amazon garden section as you really can’t go wrong with buying gardening stuff for her. This is where I happened on the Woodstock Chimes line of wind chimes that actually play the first few notes of a famous song…how cool is that?

Woodstock Chimes A Great Addition To Any Garden

When researching out Woodstock Chimes I was interested to find out that the founder of this 30 year old company was actually a professional musician and instrument designer. Woodstock Chimes are known for their precision hand-tuned chimes and because of their diversity of scales from different cultures every one is sure to be able to find a sound that makes them happy.

Here is a list of some of the different Woodstock Chimes tunes:

  • Amazing Grace
  • Pachebel’s Canon
  • Temple Bells
  • Gregorian Chant Tenor
  • Gregorian Chant Alto
  • Gregorian Chant Baritone
  • Gregorian Chant Soprano

>>Click here for more information about each Woodstock Wind Chime and to listen to what each chime actually sounds like…<<*

Woodstock Chime Reviews

woodstock wind chime largeFrom reading the many 4+ reviews on Amazon, there are many satisfied customers who already purchased their Woodstock wind chime. Whether you are looking for a large wind chime or a small wind chime, Woodstock carries many varieties of sizes as well as tunes. Most of the chimes, whether it is the Earth series or the Gregorian Chant series, are tuned to a 5 note pentatonic scale and are made from quality products and very durable – all backed by a limited 1-yr warranty. All chimes are tuned to an ancient system called just intonation . Each tube or rod that is used by Woodstock chimes has been individually tuned to an exact, precise frequency for the best result – this is probably why they are a popular choice for wind chimes.

You could have a whole orchestra outside your window without having to pay a ticket…just buy different sets such as the Gregorian Chant which some in tenor, alto, baritone and soprano. I think that would sound beautiful. My sister and I have decided on the Woodstock Amazing Grace chime for our mom – I am sure she will enjoy listening to it while she watches over her birds. If you are looking to add some fun features to your garden, then be sure to check out Woodstock Chimes.

*Please note the link above directs to amazon as I have found they offer great deals on Woodstock Chimes.

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