Best Hammock – Pawleys Island Original DuraCord Rope Hammock

pawleys island duracord hammockIn our back yard, we have two matching trees which I think would be a perfect location for a hammock. After numerous years of me peeking over the fence to check out my neighbor’s backyard like Wilson from off the old sitcom ‘Home Improvement’ with Tim Allen, I have decided that this spring I will be treating myself to a new Pawley’s Island DuraCord Rope Hammock, just like my neighbor’s. I have always wanted to have a hammock…the idea of gently swinging as you read the latest bestseller or to take a quick nap – all my dreams can come true with one hammock.

I have always been on the look out for a good hammock but have never really found one that I thought would hold up to different weather extremes. There were cloth type hammocks and cheaper rope style hammocks which were relatively cheap however when I checked them out further I didn’t think they would hold up even my toddlers! After looking over the fence at my neighbor’s hammock for weeks, I finally had to check it out for myself. After getting in to it, I laid in it for a while just to make sure it was comfy. Not only was the actual hammock comfortable enough to have a sleep in, but it looked and felt just like cotton – soft to the touch though it is made from DuraCord which is much more durable. That was all I needed to know that I wanted to buy a Pawley’s Island Hammock.

When I went shopping locally to try and find a Pawley’s Island hammock I found that I couldn’t even find one which left me with the option of having to check online. Of course anytime I need to buy anything I always head to Amazon – not only do they usually have the best prices but often you can get great deals on shipping as well.

Pawley’s Island Original DuraCord Rope Hammock – Best Hammock

Once I ordered my hammock, it only took a few days to arrive. What was included was the actual rope hammock which was easy to assemble right from the box as well as two tree hooks which you can use to hook your hammock to the tree. We opted to buy the tie straps which we ordered at the same time as the hammock along with an attachable pillow so it all came together. After we took the hammock out of the box it was just a matter of unrolling it to attach the straps so we could then attach it to our trees. Once installed we found that the actual weave of the hammock was very durable with just the right tautness to ensure comfort. What makes it great with the Pawley’s Island hammocks is that they also have frames you can buy separately incase you don’t have trees to attach the hammock to.

What’s Included:

  • Pawley’s Island Original DuraCord Hammock
  • zinc plated steel hardware to attach to a tree
  • 1-yr warranty

best hammock pawleys island Founded in 1889 the American-made Pawley’s Island Hammocks are built to last – they haven’t changed much from how they used to build hammocks back then as they are even using the original hammock model that Cap’n Josh started out with. Not only are they made to last but because they use more rope to make the hammock, it can weigh up to 15% more than competitor hammocks. Spreader holes are 2.5 inches apart from center to center which means that more rope is being used to make knots therefore making it much more durable and stronger. Not only are you getting a quality hammock made by a reputable company that knows hammocks – you also get a one year warranty.

What I liked about the hand-woven Pawley’s Island DuraCord hammocks is that they are resistant to just about anything you can throw at it – rotting, staining, fading, mold and mildew. It also can be easily cleaned with soap and water – if you are feeling ambitious you can even bleach it as it is color-safe.

Made to withstand any changing weather conditions such as rain, sleet, sun and heat – the DuraCord hammock even dries quickly after getting wet. While I intend to take advantage of some relaxation time by myself out laying on the hammock – it can easily fit two people as the actual hammock is over 4ft wide and holds up to 450 lbs. Solidly constructed, the Pawley’s Island 3-ply DuraCord Rope Hammock ships at 15 pounds with an overall length of 13 feet. The polished thick white oak spreaders are repeatedly hand dipped in marine-grade varnish for durability which give it a nice honey-colored oak finish.

Whether you are a new hammock buyer or are looking to replace an existing hammock – Pawley’s Island hammocks would be a great addition to your yard!

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