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Bruce lives in Alberta, close by the eastern slope of the Canadian Rockies. Bruce loves gardening during the short Canadian summer, and enjoys contributing to Big Granite during the long winter months. Look for stories on the things he loves; family, the outdoors & anything to with gardening.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture


Choosing the right outdoor furniture is a case of matching the particular construction materials with the look that you want. Wooden outdoor settings are the more traditional type of setting but they may not last as long as something that is made from cast aluminum which is the more contemporary material of the two. Have […]

Getting those Hanging Baskets Their Brilliant Best

Petunia Easy Wave Plum Vein

Constantly trying to keep my weight down as I do, I’ve found the best way, (apart from living by the rule, “if it tastes’ good, spit it out”), regular exercise has been a big part of my success. Though there are a ton of different methods, what appeals to me is simply walking, and I […]

The Elegance of Cast Aluminium Patio Furniture

cast aluminum patio furniture

Cast aluminum patio furniture is elegant, versatile and has a very trendy look in any backyard. Take the beautiful Strathwood St. Thomas Round Dining Table, a table that looks great whatever setting it’s in. It is also the perfect way to get what you want for a lot less than the price of a similarly detailed […]

Strathwood St. Thomas Round Dining Table


I have a tired, 15 year old resin furniture set sitting out in the yard which is just begging me to throw it out. It blows around on a windy day and I need to get the pressure washer out each spring in order to give it a good clean, but it is just not […]

5 Tips for Cleaning Resin Deck Furniture


Anyone who has purchased some Outdoor Patio Furniture when on somewhat of a budget will have likely looked at the stuff made from resin (sometimes called “plastic”). While it’s true it’s a great way to start getting your deck furniture purchased, as they’re generally pretty inexpensive, they do have some undesirable features. Our first set […]

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