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Bruce lives in Alberta, close by the eastern slope of the Canadian Rockies. Bruce loves gardening during the short Canadian summer, and enjoys contributing to Big Granite during the long winter months. Look for stories on the things he loves; family, the outdoors & anything to with gardening.

Buying an All-Season Heated Birdbath


Ahhh, WINTER! Some people love it, others hate it. I’m very much in the latter category . Though I get a little sick of bundling up every time I peek outdoors, and feel a little frustrated at not being able to participate in my favorite outdoor activity, that being pottering around in my garden, I do appreciate one remnant…

Retiring the Old Corn Broom


A couple of things I like to do: Getting the best use of anything I buy. My kids tease me that I’ve never thrown anything away, and by the look of my garage at times, they could be right. Keeping things clean & tidy Especially when it come to “my” domain, & in our household…

A New Black & Decker CCC3000 Cordless Electric Lawncare Centre

_B&D Centre

Out With The Old One of the very first garden tools I purchased some 30 years ago was a simple little electric string trimmer made by Toro. At the time I recall it was actually a pretty expensive little tool, and a big step up from the hand trimming with an old pair of shears…

The Four Gardening Seasons – Winter


Gardening in the Winter? So, what on earth can you do in your garden in winter? For those fortunate enough to live in more temperate climates, winter gardening is a definitely a possibility, but when you have temperatures dipping into the -30′s to -40′c Celsius like we do, then gardening is nothing but either memories of the summer season and dreaming of the…

The Four Gardening Seasons – Fall

1-Leaves 009

After a long hot summer season of gardening I must say it’s nice to see fall arriving. Even though there’s a chill in the air, heralding the long cold winter months coming, there’s something wondrous & somehow satisfying about watching your garden mature, offer up it’s bounties, and beginning it’s preparation for the winter season. Harvest Time…

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