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Bruce lives in Alberta, close by the eastern slope of the Canadian Rockies. Bruce loves gardening during the short Canadian summer, and enjoys contributing to Big Granite during the long winter months. Look for stories on the things he loves; family, the outdoors & anything to with gardening.

The Four Gardening Seasons – Summer


Summer, a close second to my favorite season that being Spring, to be in my garden. Here’s why Summer is when we get to watch when all the garden planning we did over the long winter months comes to life. Summer is when the soil we’ve nurtured with compost in the fall gardening season let’s the spring’s plantings…

The Four Gardening Seasons – Spring


Though I realize this will be of more interest to readers from Northern Climes, where we actually get a winter, but wherever you’re reading this from, I hope you enjoy my musings. The Cycle of the Seasons For me an integral part of gardening is the cycle of the seasons. In our part of the world we…

Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster | The Ultimate Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder


Anyone who enjoys feeding wild birds in their backyard will know the frustration they feel when they see their bird feeder being raided constantly by those other backyard inhabitants, the pesky squirrels. I know I sure get a little miffed at these little beggars, and though I love seeing them living in our trees, I…

Turning your Garden into a Little Tikes Playground


If you check my profile you’ll see there’s a couple of things I cherish, grand kids and our garden. To me part of the beauty of the garden is being able to welcome the little tikes and teach them some of the ways of nature, as well as a venue for spending some quality one…

Buying an Earthway 2150 Broadcast Spreader


About 10 years ago I purchased an inexpensive lawn fertilizer spreader from our local hardware store, and have cussed it ever since. In retrospect I should have at least gone to a gardening supply center, where I might have got some better advice on what to purchase. This was a classic case of “getting what…

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