Retiring the Old Corn Broom

A couple of things I like to do:

Getting the best use of anything I buy.

My kids tease me that I’ve never thrown anything away, and by the look of my garage at times, they could be right.

Keeping things clean & tidy

Especially when it come to “my” domain, & in our household the yard and garage is my “man cave” & I keep it organized, clean & tidy. Inside the house, that’s a different story, I admit I’m a bit of a pig at times.

I was recently cleaning up the garage and the yard in preparation for our winter season and found myself sweeping the floor with an old corn broom. Actually, it’s more correctly known as a curling broom, used by participants in one of our favorite winter games, Curling, and is used for “sweeping the ice”, where a player sweeps the path of the curling rock as it curls up the ice after being thrown by his teammate. Nowadays, curlers use a variety of newer styles. and the old style corn broom is long gone.

I haven’t used a curling broom for actually curling for years, no decades. In fact I think it was given to me as a promotional item from one of the suppliers I used to deal with. But remember how I said I like to get good use out of things, and also how I’m a bit of a neat freak? Well my old corn broom has been my mainstay for sweeping off the patio decks, the concrete driveway, the garage floor etc for longer than I care to remember.

Next Spring – I Just Can’t Wait

This next spring is going to be different however, as I am purchasing a Black & Decker CCC3000 Cordless Electric Lawncare Centre and one of its components that caught my eye was it’s quiet but powerful high speed blower.

My patio decks, driveways & garage floor won’t know what hit them, and my old corn broom can get the retirement it’s due.


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