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Ames True Temper Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow

ames true temper wheelbarrow

Six years ago, we packed up everything we had and moved to the country. At the time, we only had two children, and we wanted them to grow up with plenty of room to run. It was also important to us that we teach our children the value of good, hard work; so we decided […]

Change Out Your Wheelbarrow Tires For More Versatility

Marathon Tubeless Tires

We made the decision to change out the tires on our Ames True Temper Wheelbarrow to the Marathon Tubeless tires for one reason, and one reason only. No more flats! We have rocky, uneven terrain around our homestead and garden. Over the last six years of owning the wheelbarrow, the land started to take it’s […]

Best Body Mechanics When Using Your Wheelbarrow


Just because your wheelbarrow is awesome, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use proper body mechanics to avoid injuries. There is no reason for a sore back, hamstrings, or shoulders, at least, not from using your wheelbarrow. When you use your wheelbarrow, use the power in your legs. When it is time to grab the handles […]

Step 2 Garden Hopper Rolling Garden Seat

Step 2 Garden Hopper

Save Those Knees! It’s spring at last and there is so much work to do in the garden. We love being out there in the sunshine, smelling the earthy smells and seeing our plants peeping through the soil. There is just one problem common to many of us who love our gardens, but are not […]

Suncast GC1500B Portable Outdoor Gardening Center


I love spring! I love the smell of new growth, the sound of the birds returning, the ever lengthening days, the first glimpse of green appearing, the crocuses peeking out of the snow, and of course the wonderful sight of the spring bulbs magically sprouting from the cold soil; daffodils, tulips and the like. I […]

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