Suncast GC1500B Portable Outdoor Gardening Center

I love spring! I love the smell of new growth, the sound of the birds returning, the ever lengthening days, the first glimpse of green appearing, the crocuses peeking out of the snow, and of course the wonderful sight of the spring bulbs magically sprouting from the cold soil; daffodils, tulips and the like.

I also know Spring is going to herald something I’m not so keen on, and that’s an aching back.

The Point & Plant Team

You see, after a long Canadian winter, we so look forward to spending hours and hours in our little piece of paradise, our humble backyard, and with that comes the simple pleasures of readying the soil for summer, de-thatching lawns, pruning trees etc, and of course getting the hanging baskets out of storage and ready for the annual ritual of designing and planting some colorful “masterpieces”.

hanging basketsYou see, my wife just loves these baskets and spends countless days lurking about in all our local greenhouses, buying up the old staples, petunias, pansies etc, and of course on the hunt for some elusive and exotic “new” species, and storing them in our garage until all risk of frost is gone.

Then the dreaded (for me) day comes, when the “team” goes to work. Team? Yes, our children refer to us as the “Point & Plant” team when it comes to gardening, i.e. Mom points & Dad plants! And planting all 50 -60 hanging baskets is quite a chore, especially as we’ve never been all that well prepared for the task.

An aching back? How so?

The method has always been to line everything up on the deck, and proceed to stand on the lawn and use the deck as my “work bench”. The trouble is I’m 6ft, and our deck is a mere 15” from the ground, so after a few hours of stooping, my back is killing me! I’d always meant to rig up some better method, but was just one of things I never got around to doing.

Not this year though, as over the winter, whilst buried in the seed catalogues, I ventured online, and ended up on the Amazon website where I found this great back saving apparatus that I wish I’d bought years ago!

I present to you the Suncast GC1500B Portable Outdoor Gardening Center

After all that bending over our low profile deck, I knew I’d need something that was the right height for a 6 footer, that would be easy to move around, that would have plenty of storage space for all the “stuff” one needs when doing baskets, trowels, fertilizer, watering cans etc., and something that was attractive, long lasting and lightweight.

This baby rang all the bells!

The Perfect Height.

By placing the cart on the deck, I find it the perfect height for doing hours of planting with no back strain whatsoever, whereas my shorty wife prefers to operate it from the same level as she’s standing on, so she generally just wheels it onto the lawn.

Tons of bins, shelves etc

It comes with a sturdy, solid shelf for storing fertilizer or any sundry garden items, plus a vented shelf that’s ideal for potting on, and everything is interchangeable, so you can customize the layout exactly as suits you. I usually have the 4” bin on the top, as it’s ideal for mixing up the potting soil and treating with a little starter fertilizer, and have the lower trays with my supplies and trays of plants.

A neat feature is how the top has plenty of holes moulded into it, ideal for storing hoses, waterers, trowels etc.

Easy to wheel around

This model is made from an attractive taupe colored resin material that is lightweight, easy to clean, and has decent sized wheels that enable wheeling around the yard a breeze. It admittedly is a little more difficult to push on the lawned areas, but it pulls quite easily. On a solid surface you push or pull just as smoothly.

Can be assembled by dummies

This was a biggie for me, as I HATE anything that comes with “some assembly required” on the box, but this was different, everything modular, clear and concise directions, and it all simply snapped together in minutes.

To think I’d suffered an annual backache for years and years, when for less than a hundred bucks I could have turned a dreaded task into an actually quite enjoyable one.

Though I’m sure you can find these in a local store, there was something rather nice about ordering it from the comfort of my couch and having Amazon deliver it , freight free, and right to my door.

Order it from Amazon right here

Goodbye back ache!

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