5 “Must Haves” When Looking For a Potting Bench

So it’s time to relieve the back ache when settling in for the annual ritual of preparing your hanging baskets and the like? Here’s five “must have” features to look for when you start your search for a great potting bench.

1 – Get the height right

Make sure it’s of the right height. There’s nothing worse than spending hours stooped over a bench that is too low, or if you’re of shorter stature, reaching for one that’s too high.

2 – Make sure it’s easy to move

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll want to be using the bench in the same spot all the time, so look for a model that has a comfortable handle, and some pretty large diameter wheels, as you’ll have a tough time pulling it over soft lawns if the wheels are too skinny.

3 – Versatile Layout

Though many beautiful potting benches are designed to be rigid in nature, I’ve found models such as the Suncast GC 1500B that have the ability to mix and match, or swap around the different trays and bins positions of real value.

4 – Easy to Clean

Again, many of the more expensive models look great when new, especially wooden benches, they harbor moulds and mildew in their crevices if not cleaned off properly. By contrast resin models are so easy to simply hose off, and let air dry. You’ll rarely need to even give them a wipe down.

5 – Storage cubby holes are a must

Let’s face it, these are more than a simple potting bench. You’ll find yourself using them all season long, helping with potting, pruning, weeding and all sorts of garden chores that require you to have a variety of tools at hand. Trowels, rakes, pruners you name it, so look for a model that has some built in “holders’. You’ll be glad you did.

Simple little features that are easily overlooked, but not available on all models, so it pays to check carefully.

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