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Japanese Hori Hori Garden Landscaping Digging Tool– you have to have one!

I saw this tool online and I knew I just had to have it. I do gardening – so I need one; simple as that. I hadn’t come across it before because they are hardly known in Europe. That’s the beauty of the web, you can discover amazing things when browsing around. What is it? […]

Winged Weeders – The Perfect Weeding Tool

winged weeder 100

I was introduced to gardening the hard way…the family garden. As a teenager, I was not all that thrilled to be out there weeding the veggie patch when I could be out doing something much more fun. As soon as I left home I thought that I had left weeding behind – it was definitely […]

Best Post Hole Digger

One of the most backbreaking parts of building a retaining wall is digging the holes for the posts. You will need a sturdy tool to get the job done with the minimum of effort, as well as being sure you are not out of action for weeks afterwards with a bad back! This is a particular […]

Garden Tool Sets

Bond 6930 Pink 5 Piece Garden Tool Bag Gift Set

My Mum is a very avid gardener, just as I am, but one thing she absolutely refuses to do is buy quality garden tools. She insists on buying cheap stuff that breaks after a season or so. I try to explain that this is a total false economy as if she adds up what she […]

How To Use A Wood Splitting Wedge

hardwood splitting wedge

Although I do rate the Anaconda manual log splitter highly there is no doubt that it is not suitable for some woods and some jobs. And this is when I fall back on my very trusty wood splitting wedge. These are a totally invaluable tool for anyone that wants to split wood easily without the […]

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