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Getting Fit in the Garden

As much as I love an excuse to use a labour-saving device such as my fabulous Husqvarna brush cutter, one of the very best things about gardening is that it is a simple way to improve your fitness, without even trying. You see, whilst I am not a fan of “exercise” I love being active […]

Why I Am Hooked On Square Foot Gardening

square foot gardening

After reading the article written by Steve on Square Foot Gardening, I was very intrigued by how you could grow the same amount of produce all while using less space. As my backyard is rather small as well as having poor soil I decided that I would study up on it to figure out if […]

Any Gardeners Suffering With SAD?

SAD Symptoms

As winter gets closer and closer many of us will suffer with some form of SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder). We may feel sluggish and lethargic, this of course is due to a lack of Sunlight leading to prolonged amounts of time indoors during these colder months and completing a vicious cycle. Getting enough fresh air […]

Why I Love Being in the Great Outdoors, Even If Just a Garden

Do Trees Communicate?

Why I love being in a Garden There is something special about sharing time and space with others whilst outdoors, to me sharing a winter afternoon around a propane fire pit while the designated Chef (preferably me) cooks away is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I think having the chance to enjoy eating and drinking […]

Gardening for the Freedom and Ease of Body and Mind

Gardening as Meditation

I have sung the praises of the iconic garden shed and in particular plastic storage sheds as I think they are fantastically easy to assemble and perfect to keep your unsightly pool chemicals and various gloves, forks and spades out of sight and as I was thinking more and more about how I approach my […]

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