Best Garden Cultivator – Troy-Bilt TB154 Electric Garden Cultivator/Tiller

My husband laughed when he heard that I had ordered the

Troy-Bilt TB154 Electric Cultivator!

Read on to find out why I ended up having the last laugh…


I love gardening however when it comes time to cultivate my vegetable garden, I always have to rely on my husband as I do not have the upper body strength to till the garden for hours. I love my husband – however tilling my garden really is not on his list of favourite things to do hence I have to nag a little bit to get the job done.

This past year I decided to take things into my own hands – No, I did not all of a sudden develop huge upper body strength and rototill my garden! – I decided to buy myself a small electric cultivator that I could use myself. After looking online for the best option for my needs I found what I was looking for in the Troy-Bilt TB154 Electric Cultivator. From looking at the different reviews from other people that purchased this cultivator I knew what I would be buying.

Troy-Bilt TB154 Electric Cultivator Review

I ordered my Troy-Bilt cultivator from Amazon as I found that they had the best prices online. Once it arrived, it was really easy to assemble right out of the box plus it didn’t require any tools – you just have to attach the handle to the tiller with bolts and wing-nuts.

I was very excited to try out this cultivator – of course I had an audience as my husband really didn’t think that it would do the job! All I can say is “Wow” – even my sceptic husband was impressed by what the Troy-Bilt electric cultivator could do.

Troy-Bilt TB154 Features

  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Adjustable Tilling Width
  • Sharp Steel Blades
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Economical
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty
  • Cord Minder

Environmentally Friendly

Because the Troy-Bilt TB154 is electric, it is much more environmentally friendly than using a gas tiller which suits me fine as I am trying to reduce my carbon footprint. There are no nasty gas emissions or unnecessary trips to the gas station to get more fuel for your tiller. Also is a plus is that you don’t have to figure out what ratio to mix your gas and oil anymore! Your neighbor’s will thank you as well as it is much less noisy than a regular gas tiller – less noise pollution for your neighborhood!

Get’s The Job Done

Not only did the Troy-Bilt cultivator work great in getting my vegetable garden all tilled for planting but because it is small, I was able to use it in my flower beds as well. With the ability to adjust the tilling width from 6″ to 10 ¼”, you can get into tight corners. You can get close to your fence as well as work around your sprinklers for the closest finish without worrying that you are going to rototill something that you shouldn’t.

With the 8″ steel cultivating tines, this cultivator easily plowed through clay, rocks, and weeds without even baulking. Tilling at a depth of 8″, it is perfect for working in the yard. The tines are easy to remove to clean up after using them for tilling your garden – they slide right off the axle once you remove the ring pins.

Perfect For A Woman

As I bought this tiller specifically for me, I wanted to make sure that I could easily use it. I found it very lightweight and easy to manoeuvre – no upper body strength needed, which made it worth the purchase for me. I also didn’t have to fight with any starter cords to get it running - no more running to my husband to get it started. With a push of the button the cultivator is ready to go.

Another great feature is the cord minder which helps you know where your cord is – you don’t want to till over your electrical cord.

Where To Buy the Troy-Bilt TB154 Electric Cultivator

I found the best price for the Troy-Bilt TB154 cultivator at Amazon for less than $200 with free super saver shipping. Not only is this American built cultivator worth the money, but you also get a 2-year limited warranty incase anything goes wrong.

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While I was looking for information about the Troy-Bilt TB154 I came across the following Youtube video to give you an idea how efficiently this cultivator works:

*Please note the link above directs to amazon as I have found they offer great deals on Troy-Bilt Cultivators

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