My Review of the Envirocycle Composter

If you’re looking for a compact, robust and easy to use backyard composter that will last for years and years then look no further. For me, the Envirocycle rotating compost bin is the best I’ve found. It’s compact enough to make use of a small space – perfect for those of us who don’t have much of a garden but want to make to most of what we have. There’s also the added feature of a base that collects compost tea, which can be used for watering potted plants.

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Those of you who like simplicity will be pleased to find it comes ready to use straight out of the box, with minimal assembly and no small parts to fit together (or lose). It’s really easy to set up and fits nicely into the corner of a small yard.

Despite its compact size, the Envirocycle holds a decent amount of waste and can be moved even when it’s getting pretty full – you can roll it off the base without too much effort though it does get quite heavy when it’s getting really full. If you’re thinking of getting one for family use that it might be worth investing in two – some users report that having one full and ‘stewing’ while the other is in use is a good idea.


Once the composter is set up in the garden it will need turning once or twice a week to keep the compost balanced (this will also deter mice and other creatures from setting up home!). It turns easily on the base so there’s no need for manual turning with a fork.
The compost tea will need emptying and it’s worth occasionally checking the holes are clean and unclogged. There are no metal parts to get rusty or stiff so that’s about it as far as maintenance goes – fairly hassle free!

The positives:

One of the hazards of producing compost at home is the risk of attracting rodents with all that food waste sitting around. The Envirocycle simply has no way for the rodents to get inside – the lid latches firmly and there is minimal/no smelliness if it’s used properly. For this reason it’s a great solution for small gardens or yards, even if it has to be kept close to the house.

It’s easy to access and a good height and the opening is big enough for a shovel to fit inside. Perhaps the best thing for me is that it was really easy for a complete beginner to use. This, along with the size, makes it very suitable for teaching kids about composting and getting them involved in the gardening chores.

It’s sturdy, lasts a long time and lives up to its eco-friendly sounding name – not only with the waste recycling and saving on buying compost but also in the fact that it’s partly made with recycled plastic.

The negatives:

Nothing’s perfect and the Envirocycle composter is no exception to this. While I have no real complaints there are a couple of small niggles that might be worth mentioning…

The opening of the composter can make unloading a bit tricky – though it’s manageable with a pitchfork – and has a very sturdy latch to seal it. This is great for keeping rodents and other pests out but can be a little tricky to open, meaning that you need to set down your waste and use two hands while it’s cold or raining (not fun!).


These small complaints aside, the composter is great value and in great condition even after a couple of years of use. My conclusion? The Envirocycle Composter might be the most effective and hassle free composter on the market.

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