Finding The Right Weed Trimmer

When it comes to finding and buying the right weed trimmer, there are a number of factors that one should consider. In today’s article, lets look at a few different versions of the trimmer and point out some pros and cons of various types of weed trimmers.

The Best String Trimmer

When it comes to string trimmers or grass trimmers, their overall function for most people, is to trim the grass and weeds around their yard. In addition, you may require some minor edging around the driveway and sidewalk area. String trimmers will come in 2 different formats – a straight shaft or a curved shaft. The advantage of a straight shaft, you can usually get into harder to reach areas, but, are more expensive and heavier to use. Whereas, a curved shaft are typically lighter and easier to use.

Cordless Trimmers

If you are looking for the best string trimmer, that offers value and convenience, then I would recommend you check out the cordless variety. The fact of the matter, most people only really require a basic model that can do some trimming and some light edging around their property. To read my review, go here for the best weed trimmer review .

From a functional point of view, I am strongly looking at a cordless trimmer for a number of reasons. First, I want to be as environmentally friendly as I can be. Second, I am really tired of using an electrical cord to operate a weed trimmer. Third, advances in technology and how long batteries will actually last, are now at a point, that you can comfortably use one of those to get your entire yard done. Fourth, the trimmers today, are much more durable and can actually last long enough to do a good size yard area, like I have.

Electrical Weed Eaters

There are a number of benefits when it comes to using an electrical string trimmer, that includes, less expensive, no batteries or gas required. However, the big downside, is you are limited by the length of the power cord. Since I have been using one for many years, I can tell you from personal experience, it gets annoying to always have to adjust the cord as you are moving around your yard.

Gas Weed Trimmers

Typically, a gas weed eater will be more expensive and is typically heavier due to the motor and gas. The biggest benefit from all the reviews, that I have been researching and reading up on, they can handle the tougher type situations, like, heavier and tall grass areas and heavier dense weeds. If you have a large amount of grass and lawn area, like an acreage, then I would recommend you go with a gas powered string trimmer.

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