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How To Have A Weed Free Lawn


Have you ever looked out your window only to see a sea of yellow dandelions? While my kids love to pick these ‘flowers’ for their mommy, I personally hate them growing in my grass. I mostly was doing the environmental thing and manually picking the dandelions out but often I find that I don’t get […]

Gramma’s Nelson 1865 Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler


The Nelson 1865 Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler – Gramma’s Toy Gramma, our family matriarch, lives on the family farm and takes enormous pride in the large communal garden she maintains. This vegetable garden is way to large for any one person, but as we’re a fairly large family, and we are fortunate to all live fairly […]

How To Spray Lawns Safely and Effectively

applying law fertilizer

There are times, no matter how carefully you tend your lawns, that you’ll find a sudden influx of weeds appearing. Likely the most prevalent of these is the common dandelion. Though attractive to some, with their nice yellow flower, left untended they can ruin a lawn, as as they mature their roots get massive and can literally […]

Stop Bagging Your Lawn Clippings


If you are like most of my neighbors, you probably suck up your lawn clippings, bag them and leave them on the corner for the garbage trucks to pick up every week. But, if you want to have a great looking lawn . . . Please, stop bagging your lawn clippings! These clippings that you […]

Keeping a Weed Free Lawn


Pesticides or No Pesticides – That is the Question? You’ve probably noticed in the news in recent years the debate over whether people should be able to freely purchase and apply pesticides on their lawns, especially in urban environments. Nobody wants a dandelion polluted lawn I’m sure, and for those of us who maintain a […]

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