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Create A Magical Landscape Design With LED Landscape Lighting


I have to admit, that until I made the decision to install LED landscape lighting, my yard was a dark and dull place at night after the sun went down. Now however, when the sun goes down and comes up my backyard is like a fairy landscape. The best part is, since I chose to […]

The Brilliance Of LED Landscape Lighting


When I talk about the brilliance of LED landscape lighting, I really mean it on two levels. The first level is the actual brilliance of the light itself. As the technology has improved, the output of LED lights has improved. In fact, Westinghouse now offers high output low-voltage LED landscape lighting, with three times the […]

Landscape Lighting Ideas – Lots Of Inspiration!

My new outdoor living room - any lighting tips appreciated

Wow my head is exploding. I thought I just needed a few landscape lighting ideas for my new town house – but I’ve come across this extraordinary book: The Landscape Lighting Book*. I mean I had no idea there is a complete science behind the idea of lighting your garden! As I might have mentioned […]

Eeek – New Town House – Landscape Lighting Ideas Needed!

Any ideas on how to light this driveway?

I’ve just moved – and its a lovely townhouse. Well my definition of lovely which has two important characteristics: its new(ish) i.e. everything works, windows are water and air tight that sort of stuff; there are no lawns – thank you Lord! The last house that we sold was perfect inside but even on the day […]

Landscape Lighting Ideas: Solar or LED Lights?

Solar Lights

I can’t decide whether to try with solar lights again or go with the rather cool LED lights you can get these days? We have some blank fences that could use some better landscape lighting ideas than the mile-minute vine which seems to escaping from the neighbours! I’ll sort them out with some serious chemicals […]

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