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Why Mantis Tiller Is The Best

More than 1 million people have voted for Mantis tillers by buying them. That’s right, there are more than 1 million Mantis tiller owners. And that speaks volumes about the reputation of the company and the design of their garden tillers. They have been recognized by Consumer Digest as a Best Buy thanks to their […]

Best Garden Cultivator – Troy-Bilt TB154 Electric Garden Cultivator/Tiller


My husband laughed when he heard that I had ordered the Troy-Bilt TB154 Electric Cultivator! Read on to find out why I ended up having the last laugh… I love gardening however when it comes time to cultivate my vegetable garden, I always have to rely on my husband as I do not have the upper […]

Tillers and Cultivators for the Garden

mantis tiller

A necessary step for gardening is getting the soil ready, and that’s where the tiller/cultivator comes in. Once upon a time I used to grow a garden the hard and ineffective way. I used to dig up the soil with a shovel and try to bust up the clumps as I went and then put […]

Electric Tiller/Cultivators

mantis tiller

In the past, whenever I thought of a garden tiller/cultivator I must confess that instead of an electric tiller/cultivator I pictured a gasoline tiller. But I am now among the enlightened. Keeping My World Green Like so many people, especially those of us who garden and like to grow things, I have a desire to […]

Gasoline Tillers and Cultivators


When it comes to tilling hard, compacted soil, nothing beats a good, quality gasoline powered tiller. They weigh more than electric tillers and this lets them sink down into the ground more easily. Another situation that pretty much demands that you use a gas tiller is turning the soil over in a large garden. Let’s […]

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