Tips for Managing Your Compost Pile

Here's one of my two compost bins. This type of bin is no longer available - too bad!

If you’re a gardener, you already know compost is your best friend. Not only does it add nutrients to depleted soils, but it increases the bulk of the soil so it absorbs and retains moisture. Recently my dad experimented with his green bean crop by adding compost to only half of the row. The composted […]

How to Roast Root Vegetables in Your Grill


Looking for a different way to cook your root vegetables such as potatoes, beets, onions and yams? By choosing to cook your veggies in the hot coals from your grill, you do have to ditch the exterior skin of the vegetable however you are left with a tasty, smoke flavoured dish that is a perfect […]

Change Out Your Wheelbarrow Tires For More Versatility

Marathon Tubeless Tires

We made the decision to change out the tires on our Ames True Temper Wheelbarrow to the Marathon Tubeless tires for one reason, and one reason only. No more flats! We have rocky, uneven terrain around our homestead and garden. Over the last six years of owning the wheelbarrow, the land started to take it’s […]

Keeping Mice Out of Your Home and Storage Areas


Small rodents such as mice always seem to become unwelcome guests in our home or outbuildings. The problem is worst during the winter, when the furry little critters come indoors to escape the cold and find food. We usually recognize them in the house by the obnoxious little black “calling cards” they leave everywhere, but […]

Using Wood Chips for Flavouring Your Meat


This past fall my dad called to ask if we wanted the wood from an apple tree they were cutting down. As my husband recently bought a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker, he was very keen on getting this wood. We got it all stacked up under the deck so that it could sit over the winter […]

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