Ear Protection: Peltor Hearing Protection

peltor hearing protectionBoth my grandfather and my father suffer from hearing loss due to years and years of mowing the lawn. My mother barely ever stops complaining about my father not listening to her–but most of the time it’s just that he can’t hear her.

Some weekends, my partner and I spend entire days outside working on the garden or the yard. Most of the time one of us or the other is working with come large motorized tool, making so much noise that our ears ring by evening.

Since I would like both of us to be able to hear each other at the age of 90 (or even 50), I decided to buy a couple of pairs of hearing protector ear muffs. Out of all the brands I tried, I found that these Peltor hearing protectors will give you the most bang for your buck. As usual, Amazon has the price that can’t be beat.

Many of the other brands I tried–even older brands of Peltor ear muffs–felt uncomfortable after wearing them for a couple of hours. The Peltor Ultimate 10 brand fit nicely both around my head and my partner’s. They created a nice seal around our ears and though we looked a little funny, we couldn’t hear much of anything at all. They are lightweight and the headband is adjustable, so once you get used to the newly muted world you could even possibly forget they are there at all. I often wear a pair of sunglasses with mine and they still fit just fine.

These earmuffs are made to protect your ears at a gun range, but work just as well when you are mowing the lawn, using a leaf blower, or snow blowing. If you value your hearing, this small investment will pay off in the future–and you may even save money in medical bills later on!

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