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Lasagna Gardening

Lasagna gardening is an effective – yet breathtakingly simple – method of improving the soil in your garden in preparation for planting. If you think of the basic method of preparing a lasagna dish for the oven, preparing a lasagna garden is basically the same thing. While the book ‘Lasagna Gardening: A New Layering System […]

No Dig Gardening

No dig gardening is a uniquely simple means of setting up your garden. When you opt for a no dig garden you avoid the headaches of digging in your existing soil – which can be very difficult if it rocky, or consists of heavy clay – and instead build up your own planting area above […]

My Upscale Square Foot Garden

As an accompanying post to my square foot gardening write up, I wanted to show you an example of how these gardens can be made to look very nice. In some parts of the United States there are organizations called Homeowners Associations. For those of you who are not familiar with HOA’s you just need […]

Companion Planting for Tomatoes

Companion planting is the art of choosing vegetables that when grown together in a small plot naturally enhance your harvest. The secrets of this have been lost somewhat in the age of modern fertilizers and insecticides, but back when those resources were not available, the techniques of companion planting were well-known and wide spread. If, […]

How To Increase Your Vegetable Yield

improve vegetable yield

We have been growing vegetables for years and years now. The fact is that we have more land than we know what to do with and only a small percentage of it is taken up for growing vegetables. If you want to increase your vegetable yield then I have had a lot of experience with […]

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