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Now that I'm retired, you'll find me either outside working on my yard or writing for I have always loved working outside, am a meticulous care-taker of both my yard and garden, and look forward to sharing my experience here with you.

Best Leaf Blower

Best Leaf Blower - Toro 51599

The best leaf blower is going to be different for each person and will vary according to three main factors: The local laws and ordinances that govern which type of blower you can operate legally The amount of power you need If you can deal with dragging a cord around More often than not, when […]

How To Choose A Good Leaf Blower

Finding A Good Leaf Blower

My house has a lot of leaves, and when I say a lot I mean: I have 13 trees, 9 of which are deciduous and fill my yard with leaves every fall. When my kids were still around I cleaned things up the old-fashioned way – I asked/made the kids do it. However, it took […]

Leaf Blower Safety – How To Protect Your Ears and Be Respectful To Others

Ear Protection Is Very Important While Using Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers are notorious for being extremely loud. This can cause hearing loss in both the operator of the machine and in those who are nearby (often little children playing in the yard). If you are going to use a leaf blower to speed up your yard cleanup this fall, be sure to follow the […]