Sand And Water Table For Kids

Sand And Water TableIf a toddler can only have one toy, I vote for a sand and water table. A child of any age will not get tired of this toy at all. The combination of the two elements is the perfect recipe for toddler fun. It’s also a great tool for sensory learning and is easily modified for different learning concepts.

When my son was about 18 months, the Step 2 Naturally playful sand and water table was my go to toy. I don’t know how I could have survived without it. There were times when I played with him under that umbrella in the garden but it was also as good a toy when I wanted him to play by himself, which he did so very willingly (oh, hello gossip magazine and cup of coffee!)

So if you’re in search for a good backyard activity for toddlers , have the sand and water table on top of your list. It is easy to make one in your garden if you’re into DIY projects. If not then you can easily buy one online or from your local shop.

Here are the top-rated sand and water table in the market now:

  • Step 2 Naturally Playful Sand And Water Center : This comes with a lid and an umbrella. The legs are detachable for easy storage.
  • Step 2 Play Up Adjustable Sand And Water Table : One good feature are the adjustable legs so that it can grow with your kid.
  • Early Learning Centre Sand And Water Activity Table: Good value for money and made for young toddlers.

Sand And Water Table For Toddlers – Important Info

  • For very young children, use rice, beans or corn instead of sand.
  • Make this even more interesting by adding other things in the table such as various containers, kid-friendly bubble mixtures, and water coloring.

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