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The Trimmer Line Nightmare!

Steel Line Trimmer Head

This is a garden rant, with a solution! After three years of regularly using my favorite garden power tool (my Husqvarna brush cutter) to clear nearly four acres of land I hit a problem; the nylon line kept breaking, unravelling, and generally slowing down my land clearing progress. Every time I hit a rock or […]

Keeping the Land Clear

Spring Meadow

I am lucky enough to have lots of land (well it seems like lots for a city girl anyway). Around seven years ago we bought a place in the country with nearly four acres. Initially that seemed fantastic – lots of space to play in, and tons of room for the dogs to exercise themselves. […]

Husqvarna 7021P 21-Inch Gas Push Mower Review

husqvarna 7021P

This past summer my husband decided to fertilize our yard and somehow didn’t pay attention to just how much fertilizer he ended up using. It was only when he saw that he went through a small bag for our small front year that he realized his mistake. Needless to say, he found himself very busy […]

Going Green With A New Black & Decker MM875 Electric Mower

electric mower

I am really excited because I’m going green and getting an electric lawn mower. I knew at the end of this season that I would need to replace our old gas mower. Yes, is time to take my old gas guzzler out back and shoot her. I don’t really feel too guilty. We have had […]

A New Black & Decker CCC3000 Cordless Electric Lawncare Centre

_B&D Centre

Out With The Old One of the very first garden tools I purchased some 30 years ago was a simple little electric string trimmer made by Toro. At the time I recall it was actually a pretty expensive little tool, and a big step up from the hand trimming with an old pair of shears […]

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