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What is Bokashi Compost?

In this post I’m going all Japanese yet again! One of the great things about Big Granite is all the enthusiastic advice you can find about so many gardening subjects. I love to write for BG and, of course I also love to get all the tips I can from my fellow contributors. Recently I’ve […]

My Review of the Envirocycle Composter

If you’re looking for a compact, robust and easy to use backyard composter that will last for years and years then look no further. For me, the Envirocycle rotating compost bin is the best I’ve found. It’s compact enough to make use of a small space – perfect for those of us who don’t have […]

How to Use Compost Tea

One of the special features of the Envirocycle composter that I reviewed earlier is its ‘compost tea’ collector. Being a complete newbie to composting back when I bought it my first reaction to this was: ‘Great – compost tea! What’s that for?’ For anyone else with the same question – this is (very simply) what […]

Best Composting Recipes

I love the idea of making use of my waste, and composting is the most obvious and easy way to accomplish this, especially for a gardener. While the most common compost materials for most of us are kitchen and garden waste, with perhaps the occasional bag of well-seasoned manure from a horsey friend, there are […]

Cow Manure as a Soil Amendment

  No is it not at all attractive:) But Cow manure – or cow dung – makes a great soil additive, and can really enhance the fertility of your garden. While in its non-composted form it may not smell great, once properly composted it adds many valuable nutrients to your vegetable garden with minimal odor. […]

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