What is a flush door with a concealed frame?


Breaking it down to the basics, the primary purpose of a door is to provide security, privacy, and protection from outdoor weather and environmental elements. However, even though doors are necessary, that doesn’t mean they can’t be customized or given a unique modern style. The interior door market has been growing and evolving for many years, and doors are now viewed not just as necessary, but as a way to express personal style as well. One approach to provide a contemporary touch to your home is to use a modern flush door with a concealed frame.

Innovative modern doors with concealed frames have become a popular option for many homeowners. Their main focus is on creating concealed inswing and outswing doors with hidden hinges, which offer easy installation and standard sizing options. These concealed doors offer the ultimate in contemporary styling, with a trimless, frameless look that will give a unique, modern look to any interior space.


As home interior design has become increasingly popular over the years, architects and designers are always seeking a unique, stand-out option to provide to homeowners. Concealed door frames have become more and more popular for this purpose, as they provide optimal accessibility and deliver the ultimate modern touch, without sacrificing functionality. A minimalist approach to design is extremely popular in homes right now, making concealed door frames a fashionable and sought-after option. However, they are not just fashionable, they also contain durable and cost-efficient materials.

Therefore, these unique, flush-to-wall doors can be the perfect choice to provide a unique and modern style to your home or personal office design.



While door design, style and customized options are all important, the most difficult challenge is to ensure that all of those needs are met, in addition to ensuring structural integrity. Some visually pleasing doors offer the utmost in style, but lack the structural integrity that is needed for long-term durability. However, one of the key benefits of concealed door frames is that they offer style, accessibility, and functionality without neglecting necessary structural details. The frame can also be customized for either left or right inswing or outswing.

One of the main reasons that modern flush doors with concealed frames have become a popular option is the blend of aesthetics, structure, and functionality that they offer. These benefits are all crucial to ensure the safety of the building or home.


The unique metrics and design involved in installing concealed frame doors with hidden hinges ensures that the end user experiences an easy installation process. Because these doors offer minimalist and practical design styles, it is generally fairly uncomplicated to install these flush doors with minimal assistance.

After installation is complete, you will no longer see the door frame on either side; only the door leaf remains visible. For instance, in addition to the ease of installation, one of these concealed door frames can fit into door openings 4-9/16″ — 5-1/8″ wide. Due to the totally flat, flush door panel and the lack of trim and casing, the aesthetics of this hidden door system are amazing. It will look like an invisible door! It is no wonder that these styles are becoming increasingly popular with architects, designers, and homeowners throughout the country. There are also options for frameless interior door designs.



Due to the overall look that needs to be achieved with the use of concealed door frames, it is crucial that the door hinges are of the highest quality. Ball bearing hinges in standard doors are usually clunky, bulky and easily visible. Therefore, concealed door hinges must be perfectly aligned with the door opening while also remaining hidden.

The hinges in these concealed door frames do not protrude upon opening the door, and they remain invisible when the door is shut. It is essential that the focus remains on ensuring that the installation process stays as simple and efficient as possible. 


Modern flush doors offer the best in practicality and versatility. If you are looking for a modern flush door to serve as a hidden or invisible door, one option would be to use it in a select space within your home, such as in the case of a bookshelf door. Even though this option is pretty cool for a mystery or spy novel fan, it is typically best to limit this style to just one room. However, the second option would be to use a modern flush door panel with a concealed door frame as an elegant door solution for any room of your home.

Option number two tends to be the better option because the use of a modern flush door with a concealed frame allows all doors within your home to be matched with little effort. Plus, if invisibility is the look you are after, you can customize each door by painting the frame, door panel and wall the same color. The choice is yours, and you can be as creative as you wish!

Upon purchase, the invisible door frame includes perforated casings for flush setting and assembly. You can choose to buy the complete invisible door frame set, which includes the frame, a slab, and concealed hinges, or you can choose to purchase the frame only. You will find that the door prices are competitive, and the quality and durability is unmatched.

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