Top SMS receiving services to create a QQ account

Chinese instant messaging service and portal Tencent QQ (a.k.a. QQ) offers various options, from online games and music to shopping and microblogging. You can find here group and voice chat features as well. QQ is regarded as the world's 5th most visited web platform. In June 2016, there were almost 900m active users on QQ.

This portal also holds the Guinness World Record for the highest number of online users present on an instant messaging program at the same time – more than 210m users.


OnlineSIM ticks all boxes for register on the QQ web platform. Users don't need to use a mobile phone number. One of the advantages of OnlineSIM is a long list of numbers. So, receive SMS service online for free. It's easy as pie. There are 20+ countries to choose from on the list. It's worth mentioning a few options to use this web service: you can rent an online phone SMS receive a confirmation code for free, a temporary one.

You can also order a private number for up to 180 days. If you select the option' free number', you can register on the Chinese QQ platform and access its services without using your real phone.

For example, if you have got an old phone from your mom or dad but cannot afford to buy an expensive wireless plan, use a virtual phone number provided by onlineSIM, register your account on QQ and chat, play games, or write in your microblog.


This online platform offers its clients free private numbers for a free account; using them, you can register on various sites. Though a free account doesn't allow you to send messages, it only allows you to receive SMS. 

Pinger Textfree Web

This website is available to everyone. But for registration, you'll need an American zip code (like 01001). You'll have to google it first. After that, the list of phone numbers will become available for you.

Online SMS service for everyone, according to the official website that boasts an offering of real phone numbers for clients without any credit card.   

This is a trustworthy service with free phone numbers. No-one else could see the messages you receive in SMS. After registering, you get a unique phone number. But use some VPN to register since non-US users often see an error message when trying to register.   

That's a website with a list of American and Hungarian phone numbers. Though the number list is not as extensive as possible, some users say that this service is acceptable for their purposes. According to the website, you can receive SMS codes online from Yahoo, Facebook, Gumtree, Badoo, and Yandex without any registration.