Each resume should include several basic elements

What does a resume consist of?

You need to clearly state your contacts and describe advantageous professional and personal qualities. There are sections that should be in your resume for this purpose:

  • Contact information
  • Work experience
  • Professional skills
  • Education

This is the most important information. You can add additional information such as: section in goals, certifications and licenses, awards and achievements, internships and volunteer work, various studies, etc.

Contact information

The first thing you need to write about yourself is your first and last name, phone number, and email address.

If you want, you can add a nickname in Skype or other messengers, through which you can be contacted. We advise you to first create a working email and messenger account for work-related issues.

You do not have to provide a phone number, but it is very desirable, as its presence makes it much easier for the recruiter to contact you. If you are applying for the job from another city, you can specify your place of residence.

Along with contact information you can add links to various resources that can help build a more complete professional portrait of you. These might be links to sites that have your portfolio, or links to your professional networking account.

Also, sometimes it's not unreasonable to add your photo next to your contacts. Keep in mind that in countries such as the U.S. and Canada, it is not common to add photos to resumes.

Desired position and briefly about yourself

If you are looking for examples of templates or have tried online resume builders to create this document you probably saw that the header of your resume has a "Desired Position" (Headline) and "About Me" (Summary) section.

It is always better to indicate the desired position and even highlight it among the rest of the text. Yes, the reader can instantly understand which job this resume is for. So if you are sending your resume to employers, we recommend that you match your position with a specific job, if possible.

The "About Me" section consists of several sentences with which you should clearly state your key strengths and shed light on your key skills and experience. This will give a great impression of the value you are going to offer the employer. It will also set you apart from other applicants who are too lazy to put together a resume properly.

Also, if you're having trouble putting together your resume you can turn to a resume service writing.