How to Choose the Perfect Gift for a Gardener

There isn't a lot of advice you could get on what gift to get your friend who is a gardening fanatic. Yeah, there are probably mumbles all around about the ideal gift but it's pretty hard to get concrete advice on the matter from someone who isn't trying to persuade you to buy a corny item they probably want to get off their hands as fast as possible.

Getting a gift is based entirely on the type of gardener that your friend or the receipt of the gift is. Whether the person is a kitchen gardener, flower gardener, container gardener, love their backyard or is deep into fernery. We have gathered gifts to cater to almost every type of gardener. No gardener should be left out of the party.

Here is a list of our top picks of gardening gifts. We presume that one of the items here should tickle there fancy and be as of a sentimental gift as could be.

1. Gardening gear and gardening clothes.

We are talking about the whole enchilada the gardening boots, gardening clogs, a gardening apron, a gardening hat, a gardening tool belt and of course a gardening hat.

There is a high chance that they already have these but that isn’t the point. It’s more like having clothes, you have them but getting a new fancy pair of shoes or a cool watch as a gift would have your heart skipping a beat (we don’t mean this literally). Plus a new pair of gloves in our opinion is a feeling that couldn’t be easily explained with words.

2. A kneeling pad and a gardening scooter.

If you have been gardening and needed to kneel on the rugged ground for a while by the time you are done you would feel like your knees are mad at you. This pain is unavoidable, you could try bending over but later you will realize that isn't better and squatting too isn't an option.

A kneeling pad gives cushioning to make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

3. Pruners and a wheel barrel.

Well, these two may darn right go well hand in hand. Sooner or later most plants need to be pruned to keep them in a tip-top condition or mint condition. A good pair of pruners would help prune and trim the trees and scrubs while the wheel barrel would assist in carrying everything that has been pruned off the trees.

4. Plant markers and garden signs.

Compared to everything else on our list these are more or less for cosmetic purposes. Of course, flowers and scrubs look beautiful, throwing in a couple signs and posters here and there makes the garden pop and look a lot more special. Most gardeners would not think to buy this but they would appreciate it and cherish it to limits beyond basic understanding.

Getting a gift for your friend is pretty hard but getting one for a gardener is a little harder and we know that this list would make things a lot easier for you.