How Do Pivot Arm Awnings Work And Their Benefits

If you are bound to live in a hot place, where the summer season is spread over seven to eight months? Or having a place where damaging ultraviolet rays come directly to you then you should try pivot arm awnings. Pivot arm awnings are a simple and most useful technique to block sun rays and become able to tolerate hot summer waves.

This is a shade that works on the technique of rollers and curtains and makes a shade that can make a 45-degree angle with the wall. It is also known as folding arm awnings, very famous in the commercial sector and present in almost all shops. This window furnishing is essential to install especially in the areas where electricity is expensive and other cooling systems are not effective. Empire window furnishing pivot arm awnings are not just for commercial areas but designed in a way so they can easily be installed in houses.

And if you are worried about the look then you should know that the awnings not only look stylish but also add an old school vibe to your home. Also, they are durable, long-lasting, and stylish and the thing that differs them from normal curtains is that fact they come with more benefits and turned out to be less expensive. Due to the durability factor, they become comparatively inexpensive and the multi-purpose functionality makes it the best available choice.

There are several benefits of using Empire window furnishing pivot arm awnings instead of simple and normal ones. Let us find out all about folding arm awnings here:

Multiple Uses

Folding arm awnings are extra beneficial mostly because they are retractable, contractible, foldable, and get easily rolled up. They are easily adjustable against windows of varied sizes; whether the window area is large or small, the area can be covered easily by placing folding arm awnings.

Because with this, you can increase and decrease the size of the shade, which can increase and decrease the angle to which the shade has been installed and adjusted. Apart from the shade, it offers a style and enhances the look of the building. It looks extremely neat and stylish when it has been placed on the exterior of the building. They are most famous in hot areas and places like beach shops, hotels, restaurants, motels, and cafes. Sydney is very famous for using pivot arm awnings.

Protection From All Seasons

Generally, people believe that pivot arm awnings are only useful against sunlight and this is the sole purpose of masking and creating this kind of shade. However, it has been designed in a way so that it can be used all year and can protect the walls and windows from rusting, damping, leakages, penetration and moss growth. Also, by having pivot arm awnings at the exterior of your building you can protect the house, shops, and cafes from wind, dust storms, acidic rain, and snowfall. It offers you relief and reduces the tensions by great a percentage.

Does Not Require Extra Care And Regular Maintenance

By installing pivot arm awnings, you can get rid of so many tensions. Mostly because they do not require professional care and maintenance. In this way, they are not just easy to maintain but also cost-effective in comparison to other options like installation of the cooling system, portable shades, blinds, and shutters. Installation is very easy and the functions that offer the opening and closing of the pivot arm awnings are very easy to handle. A simple trick and an economical option to create an expensive and attractive look of the outdoors.

Extra Convenient

With pivot arm awnings one can comfortably adjust the length and angle of the shade. It is highly convenient and offers the function of rolling and folding too. With this, you can easily roll the shade fully and enjoy the sunlight in winters if you want to. Adjusting and rolling of the awnings is very easy and all it needs to hold the rod. Convenience is another name for pivot arm awnings because they are not just easy to buy and install but also easy to maintain and use.

Budget-Friendly Alternative

Pivot arm awnings are popular and most budget-friendly alternatives to expensive and mono-functional technologies. They are effective in all weather and offer a shield to all these natural calamities. It is like an umbrella but a modified one. A foldable shade and protection not just against walls, but also in gardens and open places. Instead of installing a cooling system and heavy priced machinery, you can get the purpose served with simple pivot arm awnings.

They are an economical option because they have a longer lifetime and remains functional for longer periods. If you are deciding between buying a pivot arm awning and a blindfold then make sure to do this quick analysis before making a final purchase. First and foremost, do blinds offer protection to the exterior side of the wall and window? Are they able to protect against rainwater, wind, dust, and sunlight? Well, the answer is no. blinds, curtains, and shutters are only able to protect the inside of the building and do not offer any shade to the exterior setting. Also, they are not able to add to the exterior of the building and giving a bland and plain look to the whole area. Furthermore, it can recreate and make the place look cooler and extra trendy.


When one chooses to install anything of any matter then one thing that one does is try to find the things that are multipurpose, easy to use and most importantly economical. And there are so many options out there in the market which are more productive and multifunctional however, they are not considered as the best option. Pivot arm awnings and folding arm awnings are among such options which according to general opinion is a simple thing and not very effective against extreme weather, also according to some waste of money.

However, if you do the simple cost-benefit analysis you will be able to get the idea that they are extremely useful. Against cooling systems, heating systems, shutters, blinds and curtains folding arm awnings are better options. Because all these other options are whether used for limited uses or not able to serve multiple purposes. On the other hand, pivot arm awnings are not able to only protect the people from dangerous and damaging ultraviolet rays but also provide shade to the building. Furthermore, this is a low priced option and offers several functions.