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Due to a back injury early in life, I never thought I'd be able to garden. But with research & perseverance, I have learned to not only compensate, but thrive in my garden! I look forward to sharing the tips, tricks & tools that have allowed me to truly enjoy gardening.

Earthway Garden Seeder Review

Earthway Garden Seeder 1

I’m all about back-saving gardening tools, thanks to a back injury I suffered as a kid. Many of the tools I’ve found to help me keep from getting bent out of shape, as it were, are geared toward folks twice my age. After all, it’s expected that you’ll lose some mobility as you age. While…

Three Tips for Gardening with Less Back Pain

Big Granite: Gardening Tips and Tool Reviews

1. Do other things to improve your flexibility. I do gentle yoga on a daily basis, and visit my chiropractor at least once per month. This keeps me strong & flexible even during the winter months, when I can’t get out in the garden. What you do outside of the garden is as important as…

Back-Saving Garden Tools

Big Granite: Gardening Tips and Tool Reviews

Growing up, my mom always had the greenest thumb in the neighborhood. She was constantly out in our yard, puttering with one thing or another. I swear, that woman could have stuck any old stick in the ground, and it would grow for her! I don’t think I inherited her innate ability to nurture something…