I Love My Agapanthus

I bought it in early summer this year and it has looked wonderful on my terrace – and still looks architectural now it has seeded.

The pale blue flower heads are on stems at least 3 feet long. The strap like leaves hang down over the pot, completing the effect. If you plant bulbs, the tops should be just beneath the surface. The plant needs feeding every couple of weeks in the growing season with something like a tomato feed. You can put more than one plant in a pot as they flower best when the roots are filling the pot. This is probably why, if you divide them, they may sulk for a while.

There are about ten different species, and the general rule is that the larger the flower head, the less hardy the plant. This is the reason I had to get to grips with my dilapidated greenhouse the other week.

Next year I am definitely going to put several in a large tub – they should be spectacular.

Some swab stole my camera when I was on holiday, so I missed taking a photo when the flowers were at their peak. Never mind – I could never have taken a photo as lovely as this.

Photo credit: cobalt123

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